Workshops with local groups and local people

Getting ready for a workshop with Curledge Street primary school tm (Tues 17th April).  Counting out sketchbooks and preparing for a great afternoon. Sun shine, numbered sticker dots and pocket size sketchbooks. Ace!

...and here they are out and about during site visit to Winner Street on April 17th with sketch pads and pens!

Some pages from their sketchbooks...

Here are some more pics of the following afternoon when Holly ran a clay model making workshop.  The children made a model of the shop they had drawn the previous day.

 While Holly was running the clay workshop Gareth was out on Winner Street with Mr Bennett (Year 4 teacher) and Lucinda and Sarah from Soundart interviewing shopkeepers for the sountracks to accompany the map. 18th April 

Out and About on Winner Street with ROC Creative
Thursday 26th April

Thursday 3rd May
The Roc group and Holly went around Winner Street to introduce themselves to the shopkeepers who they will be drawing next week at ROC's studio's. They had to sketch the products the shopkeepers sell and also record interviews with them.

Ed below, checking out the hundreds of things on offer at Gadgets n Things

Hannah at the Pets Parlour, doing some sketching

The ROC crew and Holly at the Fish Room having a break from sketching

Here is Yvette interviewing Ronnie Sharpe from Gadgets n Things

Hannah asking her questions to Ronnie below

Here's Ed at Bakers Delight, interviewing Ron Brown the owner over a few biscuits!

Thursday 10th May
Drawing the shopkeepers of Winner Street at the ROC Creative Headquaters

The Shopkeepers of Winner Street 
Photographs taken by Holly smith

Mr and Mrs Sharpe of Gadgets n Things, Winner Street.

Ian from J Cut Hairdressers

Mr Mark Stockman from Pheonix Computer Services

The Haircut One hundred Team

Lesley from The Fish Room

Zena and Hayley from Cute Creations

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