Media and Marketing

This page has info and links to the different publications/blogs and radio stations that featured the project.  There are also some examples of the marketing we produced.


On Sat 23rd June we were interviewed by Lucinda at Soundart Radio.  Here it is:

During the project live art producer and generally brilliant person Danielle Rose visited us for Plymouth based publication Nom De Strip.  She wrote a really interesting review of the project and also an interview

Here is a link to the review

Here is the link to her interview with us

We were also featured in several local publications.  Here are a couple...

Marketing - all designed and made by Holly Smith 

Above is the first flyer printed in March which introduced the Winner Street shopkeepers and residents to the project

Above is the front cover of the programme of events

Poster promoting the project. 

Flier promoting last couple of weeks of project. 

Promotion in Paignton Town Centre.  designed by Holly Smith. Printed and displayed by Paignton BID.

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