Feedback and Testimonials

This page shows examples of feedback given to us by visitors, ROC Creative, Curledge Street Primary School, Winner Street shopkeepers and Sound Art Radio. We will keep all the hard copies for a while so if you would like to see more then please get in touch with us. 

Visitors Feedback -  These evaluation sheets were given out to our visitors in the shop.

 Winner Street's shopkeepers feedback - Please click on page to enlarge

Feedback from Lorraine Warren, Art Leader at ROC Creative

Feedback from ROC Creative's student

Feedback from children at Curledge Street Primary School
This sheet below was given to the children before and after the workshop, the spots reflect how much they learnt about Winner Street 

Feedback from Lucinda Guy, Artistic Director of Soundart Radio
Here are a few pages taken from our 93 Winner Street's comment book

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